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In praise of Lachlan

So we have made it through Christmas and New Year, a visit from beloved grandparents, a time for reflection of the year that has passed and anticipation of the year to come.

In a quiet moment my mum said to me “Jeremy is so much more relaxed, so happy, it is so wonderful to see”.  I didn’t need any other present, well ok I didn’t turn down any other presents that came my way but that comment from my mum was a most precious gift.

Their visit wasn’t all smooth sailing.  My darling dad used “she” in reference to Jeremy about a million times, but in true form when we gently pointed it out he took Jeremy aside, apologised and tried to reverse a habit of nearly 17 years.  What was evident was the love that is in our home and our support for my baby.

In  no small measure this support comes from Jeremy’s boyfriend, Lachlan.  From my memory of young men, most would not have coped with the constant companionship of grandparents.  Lachlan rose to the occasion beautifully, my parents were full of praise.  We as a group also agreed that Lachlan has the patience of a saint because our J can be hard work at times.

So I wanted to acknowledge that Jeremy’s progress, his stability, his confidence has been achieved with a substantial helping of love and support from this lovely young man.   Thank you Lachlan xx

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