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Love in the time of Covid-19

Jeremy is 2000 kilometres or 1242 miles away. It has been about six months since we have seen each other thanks to Covid-19, the Coronavirus, “the Rona”.

I have never been separated from the J diz for this long. He seems fine, but me… not so much. Maybe he isn’t fine but he can put on a positive face, or maybe he is perfectly ok. FaceTime, texts, messenger videos are great but not as good as basking in the warmth of being with J IRL (that means “in real life” Mum). Cyber catch ups are a good way to avoid those you love seeing into your soul.

I am the queen of avoiding the tough question, I will always be “fine”. But the last six months have tested everyone, including me, and even the mentally robust are struggling.

No matter what your challenge, love is hope and hope says this too shall pass. My hope is this means that I will never take a coffee, cuddle or catch up for granted again.

Stay safe, stay home Victoria. Reach out if you need help, through your GP, your EAP provider or any service who provides support.

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