I’m ok, you’re ok (with apologies to Thomas A Harris MD)

08 Aug

It was Jeremy’s initial assessment with the pediatrician at the Gender Clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital this morning.

The upshot – Jeremy is comfortable with himself.

Thank you God.

Today’s assessment revolved around the physical.  How Jeremy is health wise, how he is coping on a physical level.  This is also the specialist that will, if this is where Jeremy’s journey leads, oversee hormone treatment.

A showstopper for us is that currently Jeremy (through me no doubt) would have to make application to the Family Court to start taking cross gender hormones.  After 18 your body is your own, but before that your parents still have a say in permanent changes to your body.

On our way to the car Jeremy was positive about the appointment.  He then disclosed that part of the reason that he has put the brakes on any potential hormone treatment is that he is planning on two full on years of school.  Ok, he does on occasion float the idea that he will start a baking apprenticeship but he knows that my focus is for him to get to the end of Year 12.  He has the intelligence to excel in the right environment.

In the course of the conversation today Jeremy’s pediatrician told us about the education team attached to the hospital.  They are going to get in touch with us with some advice regarding how Jeremy can finish high school.

Another step closer to a happy and successful child.  Each time we take a step the next step becomes apparent.  The end post isn’t visible, but hey, if life was supposed to be easy everyone would be doing it.

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  1. Ziggy

    August 9, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    Baking shmaking you have to get up at 3am for flour based fun

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